Our 2023 Merchant List.

(More to come and a bit of fine-tuning as well.)


B’s Grumman Grub
Check them out on Facebook!

Sprinkles and Smiles
Ice cream, hot dogs, pulled pork

Fremont Fire Dept.

Newburyport Crab Cake Co.
1st weekend only.

Mel’s Magickal Meals – Scotch eggs, hand pies, tacos, taco salads, etc

Get Baked
1st Weekend Only
Baked Potatoes

Hocus Smokus BBQ Check them out on Facebook!

The Stand “Shaken, not Stirred” Check them out on Facebook! –Lemonade

Totally Nutz –Gourmet nuts

Sprinkles and Smiles Check them out on Facebook! -Ice cream, pulled pork, nachos

Chuck Wagon Sodas & Dragon Breath Desserts
Old fashioned sodas and smoke desserts

Ken’s Corn Check them out on Facebook! -kettle corn

Noonan Concessions
Fried dough, pretzels, cotton candy, etc.

Seacoast Pretzel Company, LLC -Pretzels


Trogladite Services, Author Allyson M. Szabo
Author of The Re-enactors Cookbook

Mary Lawrence
Author of Bianca Goddard series

Feathers of a Lion Author of Feathers of a Lion

Steven M. Nedeau
Sci/Fi and Fantasy author

Jessica Lucci (2nd weekend only) Author of Salem Witch and other Steampunk Fantasy books.

D.E. Morris Author of Age of Valor series

Writing @ Knight, Author Keith Willis Author of Knights of  Kilbourne series.

Services & Games

Henna Inspired
Henna art

Fafnir and Spawn

The Stone Lady
Stone readings

Wild Woman Wellness
Readings, reiki

Radiant Light Holistic Arts, Energy Healing
Reiki, crystals, etc

The N.E. Rose Wench
Rose deliveries (can be found wandering the grounds). Her Facebook Page!

Faerie Worx/Face painting Face painting, fairy crafts, assorted jewelry, glitter tattoos, etc

Dragon Academy Axe throwing, etc


MoonDragon Designs
Cloaks, handwarmers, jewelry, etc

Emazanti Creations
1st Weekend Only
Emazanti on Facebook

MeadHall Outfitters
Clothing; cowls, corsets, etc

Lame Horse Creations/Mother of Dragons Renaissance clothing Check them out on Facebook!

Fairie Tailor
Capes, pirate socks, etc

Tri Kilts


Made by Hand Leather
Leather works; bracers, belts, etc

Charter Oak Leather Check them out on Facebook!


The Mad Mailler

Wolfshead Whatever

Knitting Metal

Lady Adia

Jewelry & Art

Other Wearables & More

Wood Products

Apothecary Goods, Soaps, Candles, etc.

Demo Artist

Castle Nitor Historical classes and demo of Renn era everyday things – will also be renting out costumes for patrons who need garb


Come join the adventure!