Children’s Glen
Games, crafts, and fun activities for the kiddies including drawing, coloring, and storytelling!
Important: Please do not leave children unattended at the Children’s Glen or elsewhere at the faire.

Archery Range
NHRF is happy to announce Archery will be run by JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development). Come try your hand at our range. Free to play, but donations to JOAD are encouraged!

Craft Demonstrations Many of our merchants will also be demonstrating their crafts at their booths, such as weaving, leatherwork, and jewelry making. Enjoy the various live craft demonstrations throughout the faire.

Tea with the Queen! A great activity for kids! Children of all ages can attend this scheduled event and enjoy the Queen’s company. Want to be a knight or noble of the shire? Come to this event and you might just leave a Knight, Duke, or Duchess!

Photo by Candid Candy Photography

Encampment Demonstrations
Visit the knights from the Brotherhood of the Arrow & Sword in the backfield and check out their camp, armor, and weapons. They are happy to answer all your questions (and the kids love to get their picture taken with them!) Or if you’re feeling brave, visit our pirates and bellydancers and see what trouble they’re up to!

Charity Wench & Lad Auction
Bid on goods donated by our vendors (and a few other gracious souls!), modeled by our strapping lads and lovely wenches! Every penny goes to one of this year’s chosen charities. See the schedule for times and locations.

Bellydance Lesson
Learn to bellydance with the Shimmynanigans! No experience is necessary, fun for all ages!

NHRF Theme Days!

Not sure what to wear when you come to faire?  Should you dress up as nobility, a wizard, a warrior, or perhaps a traveler from the future?!  Check out our theme days for some ideas!

  • May 13th:  Pirates Vs. Ninja
  • May 14th: Celtic & Norse
  • May 20th:  Fairy & Fae
  • May 21st:  Dungeons & Dragons
Photo by Candid Candy Photography