Below are our performers from the 2022 faire. We will be updating this page as we get closer to faire. Many of these awesome performers will be returning, so why not look them up or use the links provided under their descriptions. See you at faire!

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Musical Acts & Dance

With their songs of the sea, this New England Pirate Guild will surely bring out the pirate in you and leave you yelling AARRRRRR!

Guy Todd, Wandering Harpist
With songs so full of enchantment, the peace you will feel when you hear this wandering harpist play will take you to another place and time.

Watch as these beautiful gypsies mesmerize and delight as they belly dance their way into your heart!

Gibbon The Troubadour
Another new act to the NHRF stages, Lords and Ladies this highly talented minstrel will dazzle you with a wide array of Irish-Celtic, Nautical, and Folk songs from the days of yore!! A feel-good, toe-tapping show you definitely want to see!

Medieval Music Jam
All of our talented musicians and musical entertainers come together to bring you one big performance!

The Dirge Queen
You may laugh, you may even cry but your heart will surely be warmed by the voice of this musical queen.

The Foxy BardPG13
Lords and Ladies, this roving musical bard joins the NHRF stages for the first time in rousing rabble splendor!! Immerse yourself in folk-rock, Celtic rock, and medieval songs performed by the skilled, comedic, and highly energetic Foxy Bard!
Check out their website

The Harlot QueensPG13
This group of sultry, acapella singing Queens will delight you with their harmonious voices, singing an eclectic mix of songs from tavern-style to sea shanties and so much more!! Remember, if you don’t get the joke…ask your kids.

The Harper and The MinstrelMay 14th & 15th only
Historically Inspired, Passionate Performances of Medieval, Renaissance and Celtic Music sung and played on a variety of Traditional Plucked, Bowed, Hammered and Woodwind Instruments including: Harps, Recorders, Viola da Gamba, Dulcimer, Baroque Guitar, Wooden Flutes, Rebec and Psaltery. The Harper and The Minstrel specialize in beautiful Ayres and Ballads, but are quite adept at Jigs, Reels & Dances. Their vast repertoire includes unique arrangements from Spain’s 13th Century Cantgas de Santa Maria to the music of Elizabethan era English Lutenist John Dowland to 17th Century Irish Harper Turlough O’Carolan and much more.

The King’s Busketeers
This band of musical bards will make you spin with their good ol’ Irish pub songs, shanties, and more!

The Misfits of AvalonMay 21st & 22nd only
Sit and relax while this duo of minstrels play contemporary and traditional Celtic songs on the harp, guitar, and hand dulcimer!

The Penniless Jacks
If it’s ol’ style pub music you desire, this uniquely talented trio is just what you need!! Singing shanties and rousing rebel songs, you are guaranteed to not be disappointed!

Comedy & Combat

IJA – Jousting
Jousting at its finest, this group of jousters from all over has come together to bring you the thrill of the “Game of Kings”!

Primrose Pirates
Come and learn the piratical way, sword fighting, and live black powder. Bring the wee ones to try their luck against a REAL pirate at pummel a pirate!

The Corr Thieves
They sing, they dance, and spread hilarity everywhere they go. Their Action and humor-filled show is guaranteed to leave you breathless with laughter!

Phoenix Swords
Sit and be STUNNED as this medieval performance troupe demonstrates skills beyond words with sword and weapon combat, fire breathing, flame handling, and even a show for the wee ones! A show you certainly don’t want to miss!

The Brotherhood of the Arrow & Sword
Feel the excitement and hear the sound of steel on steel as this historical reenactment group demonstrates fully armored LIVE STEEL combat!

The Pillage Idiots
With silly stories, songs, and tales, this crew of comedic pirates will leave you in stitches. They’re not just idiots, they’re PROFESSIONAL idiots!!

The Shank PaintersMay 21st & 22nd only
Joining our stages for their second season, this sea-shanty singing trio is sure to win your hearts over with their rousing tunes and silly antics!!!

Two and a Halfwits
Prepare for the unprepared! Debuting at NHRF, Two and a Halfwits is an improv comedy group guaranteed to bring the laughs! Unrehearsed, unscripted, and uncouth, be ready for the absurd! 

Storytellers & More

Brother Sylvan
Take yourself away with the poetry and readings of the traveled wandering bard.

Michael OJ Magician
This young magician will leave you stumped with his magic and illusions, Watch and be amazed as he attempts to trick your mind!

The Longshanks: Stilt Walkers & Storytellers
This storytelling duo will lighten your heart and entertain your soul, wandering about the shire with grace and ease as they perform on stilts, right before your eyes!

Duchess of Yorkshire Pudding
New to our stages this year, we are delighted to have nobility from another kingdom joining our annual Royal Festival! Lords and Ladies, sit and be enchanted by the whimsical tales, stories, and songs of the truly heartwarming Duchess of Yorkshire Pudding.

Sir Timothy the Enchanter
Lords and Ladies, please welcome the first-ever bullwhip act to grace the NHRF stage!! This highly skilled bullwhip handler will AMAZE you with snapping cracks of the whip and daring demonstrations with FIRE!

Queen’s Tea
Bring the wee ones for lemonade and cookies with the Queen herself, she will even have her personal Knight present to knight them and Her Majesty will be awarding certificates of Nobility.

Come join the adventure!