Hear Ye Hear Ye

Three Maples Renaissance Corp (3MRC), the 501(c)3 non-profit company responsible for running the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire, is proud to make the following announcements:

After having served on the Board of Directors for a number of years, Danny Scialdone (or as most of you know him, Aspergillius Gleekman) has accepted the role of General Manager. Danny has been involved with NHRF for many years in several capacities. As part of the cast for NHRF, Danny (Aspergillius) plays an integral role instilling magic into the faire. Behind the scenes, Danny has been the Performance Coordinator for NHRF, managing all the entertainment and schedule. Danny has also served on the board as the Treasurer for 3MRC for almost a decade. While some may question the decision to hire the faire jester as the general manager, those same people should also question why he is the Treasurer, and why do we now own sixteen ostriches? 3MRC is excited to have Danny take over this crucial role for the faire and appreciate his hard work and dedication to our faire.

Secondly, 3MRC welcomes Andrew Jefferson as the new President of the board of directors. Andy has been involved with NHRF since it’s founding in 2005, most notably as the character Garreth The Rogue from the action/comedy performance group The Corr Thieves. Behind the scenes, Andy has worn many hats in helping to bring NHRF to life every year, including creating the map, merchandise design and sales, and on-site stage build. One might question why 3MRC would hire a professional thief to be their President, and that same person should also ask what happened to all those ostriches, and the Queen’s jewelry. 3MRC would like to thank Andy for taking over the role of President, and we are excited to see how the faire grows under his direction.